J. Frank Greene              1941-46

Harold David Burris        1946-48

Guy Stone                     1948-57

Lawrence Thompson       1957-59

Jack M. Carnley              1959-62

Eldon Brown                   1962-64

John White                     1964-65

Wayne Dippold               1965-66

Donald Golddizon            1966-68

Herman Gerber               1968-70

David Carrington             1970-72

Jack Spiers                     1972-73

James Whisnant              1973-74

Robert Cook                    1975-77

Ronnie Rose                    1977-79

Roger Sias                       1979-81

Jack Spiers                      1981-83

Stan Littleton                   1983-84

Herchel Akens                  1985-92

Jackie Thacker                 1993-98

Harold Hellwig                 1998-99

Vincent Wine                   2000-01

Jerry Nicewonder             2002-04

Glen Smith                      2007-2015

Eddie Smith                    2015-present


Resources & Information

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    I recently had the privilege of helping a church with some outreach events. The schedule included a time of encouraging those participating in the outreach (about a dozen) on Friday evening, a breakfast and teaching session Saturday morning, followed by our...

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    Recently, I chatted with a local pastor about his evangelism efforts in a smaller, rural community. His church isn't that large so finding volunteers...